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Tonight I had a pretty good conversation over the instant messanger with a friend, Dave. It was good, I could say. We were talking about our senseless blogs until the point of conversation was turned over to the topic of L-I-F-E.

Anyway, I had the exam this morning and I think it went Ok. There were four items in the exam- Grammar, Spelling, Editing, and Writing. I actually enjoyed the exam because it was an English exam and most of it I have actually encountered at school. The grammar and spelling wasn't a sweat, but the editing and writing were! Good thing I reviewed my Newswriting and Editing notes last night (Aww, it made me miss Sir Dong. I have to thank him for all those things he taught us) I was able to sorta nailed the exam. But until now, I could say, that I have NO IDEA if I'm gonna be in for this job, coz there were two more girls who took the exam after me.

Back to my conversation with Dave. It all started when he asked me to visit his gallery just so he can LOTSA page views. I told him that I don't need it because I actually linked him at my blog (this blog). When he didn't seem to believe me, I asked him to visit my blog to see that I really added him in my links. After a while, he told me that my Changing Path entry was interesting. And then the good part of the YM starts.

I told him about how I was feeling that I'm not gonna get this Copy Editor job, but I'm up for the challenge. Life is about learning, growing up, and taking risks. If you did not dare take those challenges, nothing good will ever happen to you. I told him that even if I know I have a little chance for this job, I still take the chance to go to the exam because I know that even if I'm just a fresh graduate (READ: Raw to this biz), I know I can handle the job. And if there are new things come to my way, I am willing to learn those things, great or small.

So whatever happens next, I'll wait till three weeks time. If I get the job, then thank you. But if I don't, at least I know what do I still need to improve on... and that I will not regret I didn't even tried.

That, I think, is a sign of being a tough, strong girl.

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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