Review: My First Week at Work

Wow! I can't believe I've been an employee for a week now! Cool! Oh well, so far so good.

My first day was a total mess! Although I arrived at the office ten minutes earlier I actually got bored at my first day! I did nothing but sit in front of the computer and check all those websites where I would be working on. After that day, I forgot to time out AGAIN!!! So dumb! At first I thought I'm gonna give up, but I insist. The succeding days became easy for me, and I already got used to my time, my work, my co-workers, and the websites I'm working on.

Speaking of which, some of the websites are really freaky!! Some of them funny, but most of them are freaky! Good thing I wasn't the super-conservative-type of girl coz if I was, I would've quit my job in that very minute!

Yesterday, my boss informed me that they'll gonna switch my work time from Mon-Fri 9a-6p to Mon-Sat 9a-5p, with half day on Saturdays. My boss asked me if I still want to continue the job now that my schedule has changed. Actually, I don't wanna work on Saturdays, but since it's just half day, I did say yes to that kinda work schedule. So starting next week, I'm gonna have to work on Saturdays now... *sigh*

Anway, on a more serious note, I realized just recently that it's really hard to work. Coz now I have to learn to budget my salary. I've set an allowance for each necessity. But as I keep on rethinking about money, I can't help it but ask myself, "is my salary really enough?" It's not much, and it's not below $200, but I admit I'm really worried if I'm gonna be able to save something for myself... Well, I have to. And I will do it.

So whatever lay ahead for me in next few weeks, months, or years, I know I can handle everything well. If I sucked, at least I can learn from those mistakes.

And most important of all, AT LEAST I GOT A JOB THAT'S RELATED TO MY DEGREE- CREATIVE WRITING. Even though the company's not that popular (yet), that's something I should be proud of.

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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