Like how dumb am I???

I was chatting with Tinny right this very minute, and she said I'm just not KINDA, but really WAS dumb. We were talking about what I wrote in her tagboard in her blog. Anyway, I know I was.

This is the second week and they're still not calling me AGAIN. Right now I'm actually starting to panick that I'm not gonna get that lame job. Sayang! I want that job pa naman even if it's just a PA job. It would've been my chance to finally work at ABS officially. But I'm not giving up; who knows, by tomorrow or by friday I'm gonna get a call, AGAIN... *fingers crossed*

Back to Tinny's, with everything that's happening right now, I was thinking na sana tumuloy ako mag-workshop. I don't know! I was just a little sad, kasi I let my heart down by not following it. Oh, so much regretting!

One more thing, Lea shut her blog down. I don't know what did she do about it, but I can't find it anymore! She must've changed the link or whatever, but I'm sad about it! Sayang!

Btw, on the lighter side, I watched Angel's videos at her Myspace. It was funny! I can't believe she's that makulet!!! There's one video there when she was singing with her friend doing an MTV, projecting in front of the camera!!! It was funny! It reminded me of the two japanese boys at youtube imitating backstreet boys! Oh well, she's thirteen, she lived in the US, and she's my cousin!! No wonder!!! Haha!! But I love that kid, I suuuuuupppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr love her!! She's the best cousin I ever had!

Here, I'm gonna share that video to you!

That's Angel (LEFT) with her friend, Kiani (RIGHT).

And as for me, time will only tell when's the RIGHT time. And for sure, when that right time comes, I'm gonna be ready!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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