The First (and Worst) Job Fair I've Ever Been To...

It's my first time to go to a Job Fair and damn it was the worst I've ever been to!!

We arrived at Araneta at around 10am. Ok fine, I was late for an hour! haha!! I woke up at 8:30am (my phone did not alarmed!!! dammit!), and meet Lazelle and Ian at McDo Q.Av at around 9:30. When we got to the Araneta, the gates were still closed, and a lot of people are waiting outside. A few minutes later a guy announced to just give the resume's to the guards and we can leave. We're all like, "HUWAAAAAATTTTT???????" We've waitied for that long and that's all they're gonna do?! WTF!

To our desperation that nothing happened to us at the stupid job fair, we just decided to go to Gateway first and window shop. After a while we eat at Greenwich and then decided to go to ABS-CBN. While in ABS-CBN, we grab the chance to pass our resume to Star Cinema, Studio 23, ABS-CBN Global, and News and Current Affairs (but there's no one in the HRD of News & Current Affairs Office). I also decided to pass a resume and work sample to ABS-CBN Publishing, just to try. They're open for Editorial Assistant of Chalk Magazine anyway.

This morning though, somebody texted me that they are inviting me for an interview/exam for the position of Creative Writer/Online Sales Representative. They said they saw my resume at bestjobs.com, ad they asked me if I was interested for the job. I said I am somewhat interested, and is willing to try. They scheduled me for an exam this Friday, at their office at Cubao.

Whatever happens to all these, I hope one of these will be my job in a matter of few weeks. *fingers crossed*

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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