The Famous American Pose :p

I was browsing my cousin Angel's Myspace and upon looking at her mains (friends), something really caught my attention- the similarities of their poses in their pictures.

The pose I was talking about is the what-I-call "Pout, Pout, Pout Pose." Almost all of Angel's (girl) friends in her myspace have that Pout pose. It was fun to look at! And to my utter surprise, even Jasmine Trias had a picture with that Pout pose. Here, I'm sharing you those Pout Pout Pout Poses I grabbed from Angel's friends' pictures. Can you tell who's the best POUTer???

Have fun!!! :p (PS: Can you find me in this collage???)

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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