Banana Caramel Frap and X-Men 3

Sa wakas, I’ve finally got a taste of the new Frap in Starbucks- Banana Caramel Frappuccino. I decided to order the Caramel one as I’ve always ordered chocolate frap and Banana Caramel would be a new taste for me.

It was gooooooooddddddddd!!! I was drinking my frap for like two hours, and it was quite wondering that I didn’t refuse my frap from my cousins who keep on saying, “patikim.” It was just good I even forgot to eat dinner (too full to eat dinner yet). While drinking Banana Caramel Frap, I forgot I was about to buy my food, conditioner, and chupa chups for the next day… and being such a Frap addict that I am, I wasn’t able to buy food and lollys for the next day.

Anyway, it’s not just the Banana Caramel Frap that I bought… I mean, that Ninong Rommel bought for me. I also asked him to buy me a nice Cinnamon, which I’m eating right now. I was supposed to have him buy a Belgian waffle for me but I’ve thought that if I choose the Belgian waffle over the cinnamon then I wouldn’t be able to take it here at the office the next day. I don’t want a brownie though so I choose the Cinnamon instead.

Anyway, I’ve finally saw X-Men 3: The Last Stand!! Saw it last Saturday with my sibs at SM San Lazaro. When my brother asked me if I wanted to go with ‘em to watch the film, I said no because I have no money to spend with. When my sister arrived, she asked me to just go with em and my brother can take care of the expenses. I was about to say no because I’ve said to myself that I wanna watch it when I got my salary. But she insisted so, who am I to say “No?” After all, it’s for free. So I dressed up, and leave.

X-Men 3 was awesome! I really had a good time watching it! I keep on relieving the last X-Men movie before the film started, but I was too busy eating my chicken burger, French fries, float, and my iced tea.

It was such a great film! I’m not gonna tell the summary of the story anymore because it will take me years to finish it. The very last part of the movie was very interesting. If you were stupid that you left during the end credits then you’re totally clueless about what really happens! I think that Professor Charles Xavier didn’t really die. I also don’t think that Rogue, Magneto and Mystique will gonna lost their powers forever. Mutants don’t really die you know. And mutants don’t lose their powers… well, at least not forever.

Because of our so much excitement with X-Men 3, we’ve totally forgotten about the PBB Teen Edition eviction night! But we’ve managed to see the Big Four and I think we’re pretty lucky we’ve seen it.

Right now I’m just quite happy because I’ve finally tasted the new Frap and have watched X-Men 3. Just two more films to go- The Da Vinci Code and Mission Impossible 3- and one more frap to taste- Banana Mocha Frappuccino. Yum!! :)

Here's a pic of my latest Starbucks addiction... Banana Caramel Frappucino!! :D

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