The Art of L-O-V-E

Ok, so I guess I'm now allowed to post this as I have graduated (and yes, I'm allowed now to have a boyfriend :p). I got this one from a friend's journal... or rather, gallery. It's nice!!!

A Moment of Eternity
by Dave Lock

Eternity was wrapped in a flick of minutes...

I lied on her lap and froze for a moment to find my words. However, no matter how much i try, emptiness kept on reaping its way through my mind. I tried opening my mouth but no sound came out. Well, who could blame me for my scarcity of words? Streaks of light crawled from the half-closed window and illuminated her angelic face. Her eyes, despite the small eye bags that surround it, were like almond-shaped marbles producing a glitter stronger than those of stars. Her cheeks, despite the few smudges of oil paint that accentuated her face, were like tiny dots of colors that beautified it. Her skin was so delicate that it still looked alluring even if it's already glistening with perspiration. And between this moment of passion and silence, a strange feeling continually circled my soul...I felt calm but nervous at the same time. So weak, yet so powerful. Her glimmering eyes were awash in deep emotion...blinking, as if beckoning me to do something.

That's it. I give up. I can't lie frozen here forever. The warmth of my soul slowly instantly thawed the ice that has encircled me. I reached over and took her soft, pearly hands with mine. I leaned closer to her, up to the point that i could already feel her heart palpitating in complete concordance with mine. I squeezed her fervent, cushy hands and closed my eyes. Yes, and following it was nothing but complete darkness. And the next thing that i could remember was the succulent taste of her lips and the tacit whispers of her warm breath. That very moment, i began to feel that all my senses were lifted to a heightened degree...the heavenly scent of her hair brushing over my face was more fragrant than it as ever been, and the warm, comfortable touch of her body was so tender that i could last this position for a lifetime. My whole world was suddenly caught in suspension, as the hands of time stood perfectly still. For one short moment, i was not aware of the world that revolves around me and the space between our eyes is the only thing that i can see.

And at that exact momentary frame in time, no one could ever argue that I'm the happiest man in the world.

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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