The Night that Caps it All...

It was that night, the most important night for every NEU Mass Comm student - the Annual Mass Communication Awards. It was an awesome night, and at the same time, emotional.

For me, this was the best AMCA I've ever been to. Not just because it was our batch's AMCA, but I'd say, there was never a dull moment, and each person at the hall participated well.

I admit, there are quite a few segments dissolved because of some conflicts, but it doesn't ruin OUR night. I told you, we're just THAT good. Haha!!

Anyway, I started the night with The Prayer as the doxology. Flawless, they said; Yeah right! They always said that whenever I perform, well it doesn't matter; I just did my thing. Phantom of the Opera was the night's opening number... I don't know how it went, I didn't get to see it.

Ok, let's move one to the awards. Honestly, I feel like the awards was given to the wrong people last night. I dunno! It's like the better ones didn't get a lot of awards and the you-know got those awards that supposedly to the better ones. I didn't say they didn't deserved those awards, it's just a little unexpected, especially the Playfest Category. Sorry guys, I really feel the result's kinda shocking.

Oh well, I got an award. I was awarded the MOST ACTIVE MASS COMM STUDENT. I was shocked when my name was called, I didn't even prepared a speech! Eek! But well, my speech: "Wow! I didn't expect this, but uhm, if there was one person that I would really like to thank, it's gotta be Lazelle. I thank her for trusting and believing in whatever I can do, and for accepting my help. It only proves that you don't have to be a CommGuild Officer to be able to help the department, and guys, love Mass Comm, love the department, coz you'll never know where it would take you. Thanks!"

Well it feels nice, that all my hardships with the Guild paid off. Even if I wasn't a CommGuild officer, and even though people thought I was, it's a nice feeling that my efforts for the guild are being appreciated. When I read my batchmates/friends' and my professors' notes for me, it flatters me. What's most flattering is that I made a mark, and that mark is that they (will always) remember me as the red-haired-little-orphan Annie.

Shortfilm Category's result wasn't much a surprise. We didn't expect that we're gonna get MORE awards this time. And we're right. We got 6 out of 13 awards: Best Editing, People's Choice Awards, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director (wherein we tied up with Threesome). We didn't get the Shortfilm of the Year and it was ok. It's kinda amazing that there wasn't even a drop of bitterness among us, maybe because we half expected it to happen. It's pretty unbelievable, but true. We're actually celebrating pa nga after that.

One of the reasons behind that is maybe because most of us (in the group) got our own individual award that we've actually forgotten about us "losing" the battle. But maybe we didn't actually lose the battle, because we have our own awards, we're all super bonded, we've gotten enough awrds (since 1st year college) and we're all happy; which, I think, is the most important.

However, two events made the night extra special. One is the seniors' tribute to our dear mentor, Professor Margele Andres, and of course, the undergrads' tribute to the graduates. We're all teary-eyed with the tribute. Liked the song, and the video itself (although I had a feeling that they used some parts of the video that I created for my circle of friends). In addition to this, Tintin and I were so pasaway we ruined the "moment." Tintin and I went to Mam'am Margele together, hugged her, and then biglang, "Ma'am wait, picture taking muna!" Everyone was laughing at us, thinking how crazy we were! Haha! Thanks you guys!

Now that AMCA's finished, I think it's time to get going with our own lives now. And start finding a job. I'll miss ya'll guys!! See you at the real world!! :)

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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