My First Examination for Employment

Upon going to ABS-CBN to take our exam, I thought that I was going to face big numbers and unusuall words, but in fact, it went ok! (I hope :p)

Lazelle and I arrived at the 13/f at around 9:15am. We were the third examinees to arrived, and the room's still closed when we got there. While I was at home I was already feeling nervous and when we got there, I was totally numb! My heart was thumping like it's gonna explode any minute.

We entered the room 1301-B at around 9:30am and to our surprise, there were, like, twelve chairs and four small tables (joined as one) like there's going to be a meeting. It was a few minutes before Cel Luna, the examiner, arrived. We started past 10am with the Judgement Comprehension.

With Judgement Comprehension, there are 5 different situations given and you have to answer them according to the letter/answer of your choice. It wasn't a hard exam, it's just really time-pressuring. Planning exam was next. It has the same format as JC's, same time also with JC (15 minutes). The next exam, Grammar, is, for me, so far the best. But too bad we were just given 5 minutes to finish the exam and I didn't get to finish the last three questions at the back page.

After the first three exams, a profile exam was given to us. It was worth a hundred plus questions that we need to answer. It wasn't timed (but they expected us to finish after at least 30 minutes) so we got all our time to finish the test. It was ok. There were just a few dumb questions/phrase like, "I have never lied in my life." (Like, who the heck have never lied in his entire life?!) After the exam, Miss Cel gave us a 45-minute break because the next exam will be for two hours (!?) long. Lazelle and I went to the caf to have lunch. Good thing we still have our OJT IDs!! Hehe!!!

While we were on our way to the caf, we saw Angela (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of Global. She was on her way back to the 9th floor when we saw her. She asked us how the exam went and she urged us that we're gonna make it. After a few minutes we said goodbye to Angela and move on.

After we had lunch we headed straight to the HRD in Talent Center. When we got there, all of the other examinees were already there! We started the exam at around 12:45. It was a profile exam worth 300 items. Actually, the first 186 (plus 70-plus items more) items was a sorta psyche test; next is math, number sequence and then logic (ok, so I forgot what you call 'em but it goes like this- "cat:kitten::dog:____"). We finished at past two, then Lazelle and I went to Era to get my grad pic. But before that Miss Cel told us that they'll just call us back in two weeks time if we passed the exam.

Finally, my grad pic was done!!!! And it was beautiful! Haha!!! We went to the faculty and saw Sir Dong ('s tarp :p). Aww!!! I miss him. I didn't even get the chance to see him at his wake. Anyway, I think I'll just visit him at the North Cemetery... some time.

For now, I'm gonna go. I'm already tired. I hope I'm one of those who will receive the call... *fingers crossed*

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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