It's nice to be back...

Not "officially" nor "professionally," but it feels nice to be at the MEG office again. Just got back home from Anette's shoot for MEG June ish situational (ooppsss, spoilers, sorry! :p). Well, yes, I go with her at the MEG office, one is because she didn't know where MEG office was; and second, I miss MEG people!

It was Janis that I saw first when we entered the MMPI studio. She smiled at me and said hello (which I said hello and smiled back), and turned back to her shoot. I texted Mabel telling we're already there only to find out she was actually sitting there, interviewing a guy (for Campus Cutie, I guess). I also texted Nica that we're at the 17/f na. She said she's with Karen (Vera, MEG's former Associate Editor). Actually, I wanted to go there (at the 18/f) sana kaya lang I don't wanna leave Anette alone din naman. So I just stayed with Anette.
(It's me with Nica and Froggie, while waiting for Anette to have her make up done)

A few mintues later, Mabel (finally) called Anette for her make up, and Nica arrived at the studio also. While Anette's having her make up done, Mabel came up to me and asked me how am I. I told her that I'm doing ok and that I have graduated (finally)! Anwyay, Nica and I was having fun while Anette was having her shoot. Nica and I were making fun of the frog... imagining it was the higanteng palaka in Zsa Zsa Zaturnah! I even took her pictures as if she was being attacked by the frog! Haha!!!

(Here, a picture of Nica being ATTACKED by Froggie :D)

Anyway, Nica told me that Pierra just left a few minutes ago when we arrived. Sayang! I wanna see her pa naman! And also Peewee, she's left na daw. After the shoot, Nica, Anette, Mabel and I went upstairs muna, Nica's looking for a paper bag kasi (musta naman ang maraming cds na dal niya!! :p). After a few minutes we decided to go to Starbucks na lang muna to wait for Florian. We bid Mabel goodbye; she said thanks for coming over, and she thanked (?!? Is there such a word???) me for visiting as well.

Nica, Anette and I went to Starbucks while waiting for Florian. There we talked about, well, you know, MEG. We also talked how Miss Popular I was, that Nica's an institution with MEG na, and Anette taking diet. I had fun, I guess we all had fun!

I'm happy that I've finally stepped foot at the MEG office again. Sabi ko nga kay Anette, "ngayon na lang ulet ako makakapunta sa MEG office coz the last time I was here was last August 2005 pa." Ok lang din na hindi ako tumuloy sa ABS-CBN because of MEG. Not because I love MEG more or what, I just miss MEG, and siguro nga, nasa MEG talaga ang puso ko.

I may not have been back with MEG (yet) professionally, but I'm happy to see them again... or Mabel at least (and Nica of course!). I know I will be back there officially... soon! *fingers crossed*

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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