Happy Birthday Phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodness! Can't believe Phoebe's a year older na!! TIme flies really fast... and faster than I thought. Anyway, it was an awesome day! Everyone of us sure did have fun! The party started at around 4pm (oh you know, Filipino Time!!!) with our cousin's opening dance number. Sam, Paula, Patricia and Patrick are supposed to dance Cappuccino but the cd isn't working, so they just danced Average Joe instead (good thing they're always prepared for another number). Games started with the usual Bring Me, and my cousins got almost every prizes!!! Haha!! That's the cause for attending all the birthday parties they could ever attend to! :p

The party ended at around 630pm, when we went down to go home, there were people outside, kinda in a panick attack. A woman had just had her bag snatched by a snatchers in a motorcycle. I pity for the girl because the whole bag and her cellphone was taken by the snatchers. She and her friend were crying upon looking for a police station nearby.

When we got home, we just rested for a few minutes and then opened Phoebe's gifts. She received lots of gifts, some are clothes, toys, and she even got a GROCERY (WTF?! LOL)! Goodness! What a gift! Thanks for that anyway... we didn't have to buy a biolink anymore!! We got two spare!! Haha!!!

Here, some pictures taken from yesterday.

Phoebe's mermaid themed cake.

For more pics, click here

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