So, is that what professors really should do to us graduating students???

This week till next two weeks, it's going to be HELL WEEK/sss... I got multiple tasksssss to do, and got five deadlines!!! Let me start to count...

1. March 7th, Tuesday: Two deadlines for this day. One is tha ultimate devcom proposal (heck it's wednesday and i got nothin'... lazy!!), and another is the book review. I can do it... i know i can!

2. March 9th, Thursday: I know, I know, it's my (two) best friends' Laureen and Angel's big day... But I also got two more deadlines. It's the (original) program log and station manager's interview (with documentary). Well, gotta talk to my groupmates about that. But foshow we can make it through... hello?! Lazelle is my groupmate! and she can't afford not to do it!

3. March 13th, Monday: Now THIS... it's our deadliest deadline for our Intern Evaluation Form. It's ok, I'm almost done with my internship anyway. (Next week will be my last week in ABS-CBN... *sigh*) :(

4. March 15th, Wednesday: Deadline for submission of clearance. By this time I should have completed EVERYTHING- My four remaining subjects, THESIS (oh for goodness' sake!!! THIS again??!!), Form 137 (dammit, I haven't gotten mine yet!!), and other else. GOODLUCK JHACK! wahaha!!

5. This week, and for the next: The AMCA's teaser and poster publicity! Plus the choreography of The Prayer for the evening itself. Damn, where are the officers?!? I'm not supposed to do this; if not for LAZELLE, I will not do this! Lucky you I love her and she's one of my bestest in school! I'm frustrated (and disappointed) coz you give nothing to Lazelle but headache! It didn't come from her, it's my idea... well, sorry, that's from what I'm seeing. Forgive me.

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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