My Pre-grad Sentiments...

When you are about to leave your beloved alma mater, it wasn't corny to be sentimental. Given the fact that you are about to take a new journey without your friends (we can never tell), it's really OK to be senti. Especially when you are graduating from college. We never know if we can still be with our friends at the same office!

Graduation day is almost perfect... I can actually feel that we are graduating... except for a few things...

1. FRIENDS WHO ARE LEFT BEHIND. It's nice that we are graduating, but it isn't nice that some of our friends are not graduating. Well, three of our closest friends are not gonna go with us. But we're still hoping we're gonna save one of them.

2. WHERE EXACTLY ARE WE GOING AFTER? We're graduating, yeah yeah... but the big question is, what's gonna happen to us after? Just hoping we're not gonna end up with the UNEMPLOYED ones... *fingers crossed*

3. LIVING LIFE WITHOUT YOUR FRIENDS. Admit it or not, it's hard living life without our friends... well, literally, of course! I just couldn't imagine how would I survive without them... it's hard especially if they're the ones whom you count on to when you're down, crazy, bombed, and cranky!

4. NO MORE DEADLY DEADLINES, BORING PROFESSORS AND SUBJECTS! Sure, it feels good that finally, WE ARE OVER of boring professors and subjects and the super hirap na projects!! But we'll surely miss those! (ows?! :p)

5. THE NUTTY PROFESSORS. They may have become our greatest nightmares but without them, we're not gonna reach our last year. And admit it or not, we've come to love them also even if we got an F in their exams. They're our second mothers and fathers at school and for sure, we'll miss them. Especially the ones you call "professor-slash-friend."

There you are. Just five of my few pre-grad sentiments. I'm quite excited about our graduation day, but these keeps me think again.


"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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