I don't want to end it this way...

Naaasar ako... kasi ang panget ng (almost) last day ko sa Global.

I arrived at the office ng 4:26 pm. Angela wasn't there when I arrived so I texted her to tell her I was there na. I hate it! Kasi I was supposed to be there ng 2pm and I came there past 4pm na... wala, nahihiya na kasi 'ko kasi halos a week din akong hindi nakapasok tapos late pa'ko dumating.

Anyway, the reasons why I'm late at work are: number one, I was at the grad rehearsal from 8am-12noon, after that I had to type my open systems model discussion in B160 pa, print it and my devcom proposal, then pass it to my professors. I finished at around 1:30 pm, Lazelle and I were waiting for Ian at the computer shop for like, the next half an hour or so. We arrived at school at around 2pm, and finished passing everything at 2:45. But that time I still can't leave coz I was waiting for Lazelle, she went home to get something. So anyway, I left at 4pm and arrived at the office at 4:26pm.

It's kinda the usual day at Global except for one thing, Mics wasn't there... Well, I didn't see her at least. I was there til like 10pm, waiting for my evaluation form and for Mics to come. Nothing, I just miss her. Actually, I miss all of them at Global. It was already past 11 when Mics arrived... ang sungit! I dunno if hindi niya ko napansin or she's just cranky last night, but... ewan! Anyway, I understand naman... Her lolo died na pala. I was shocked! Kasi before ako umabsent last week pinag-uusapan pa namen yun, but last night, last lamay na pala! Ang bilis! I texted her nga eh, kaya lang di siya nag-reply... I wish her lolo safe passing. And I wish she's ok na rin.

Today, I'll be doing our B160 projects and yung revision ng thesis namen (NOTE: OK na kame, yung revisions, typos lang!), after this project, F137 na lang, clearance, and then I could finally say I really am graduating.

But well, sana magkaro'n ako ng maayos na pagtatapos sa Global before that. I'm still thinking if I'm going to apply or not. I have to think hard... and rethink!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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