I can't believe THIS is actually happening...

This post goes out to some of the most special people in my life... my friends in college. I've never realize we're actually graduating until this afternoon... which (almost) brought me to tears!

I was at school with Yhen so early (I arrived there a few mintues before 8am) so we could start to go around to have our clearance signed. Everything seems to go on our way except for one thing - Sir Henson, our thesis professor, hasn't arrived yet. And it's kinda worrying already because we will not graduate if we're not able to 'fix' our thesis.

Anyway, he came. And I can't believe to the grade he gave to me. I was expecting to get a grade of 2.0 (at least) or lower. But he gave me 1.5 instead! So surprising! Well, I guess he knew what we have gone through just to finish THAT! Oh well!!!

Back to the main story. I never (haven't, actually) feel that I/we are graduating this MArch 28th. I dunno! I just don't feel it yet! MAybe because, and as I said, there's still a lotta things to do, like signing of the clearance, submission of the requirements and all that. But this afternoon, when I knew that my dear friend Lazelle was our batch's Magna Cum Laude, I felt sooooooooooo happy! Aside from that, I wanna cry, but a bigger part of me is sooooooooooooo proud of her!

When they told me about the news, I wanted to cry at that moment! I was soooooooooo proud of her! Not only because one of my very good friends is ("are" actually!) a Magna, but because Lazelle deserves the title! 100%! It was only then that I realized that "Damn! We're graduating nga! And it's soon na! Just a few weeks to go and we're gonna be literally apart from each other na!"

I (finally) became excited of our graduation because of that news. I imagined Lazelle on stage, stating her Valedictory Address, saying her triumphs, feelings, and bidding goodbye not only to our alma mater, to our professors, to our schoolmates, and batchmates, but especially to US - her friends!

I'm just soooooooo proud of her! I can't wait for that day that we stood up, clapping our hands to our Magna, receiving our diploma, having our last "college days" memories, and throwing our caps on to the air!

I'm surely gonna miss everyone! Especially my dear friends... and from this day, I still can't believe that THIS is actually happening!

See you all at AMCA!!!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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