Some Random Thougths..

Nothing special... just some random thoughts.

1. The popcorn tastes really good!!! I don't even know why am I slowly getting addicted to popcorn these days. It just tastes soooooooo good! Especially the caramel flavored popcorn Ninong Rommel always give me (us). Be it the Moby Caramel puff, Oishi popcorn, Holy Kettle Corn popcorn, or the Chef Anthony (???) popcorn, it just tastes really good!!

2. Rico's still in tha house!! Yeah, I voted for him... but just one time. I know he still got something to prove. And he can't be out this early, the Rico Robles-Roxie Barcelo loveteam will be nonsesnse.

3. Lea Salonga's Official Blog!  Waaaaaahhhhhhhh! Finally, Princess Tinny has found her blog! Thanks to the new technology... I know, I know it's bad. But I ain't doin' nothin' ya'know! It's just fun reading her blog, that's all!

4. Summer's getting near and I can't feel it yet. I don't know. Maybe because we're so busy and I'm still not done with the things at school??

5. I can't believe I'm actually (near to) graduating. I'm not feeling it! I don't know why I'm not feeling the rush, but it feels like the same old end-of-term feeling. Maybe I'm not ready for it yet?..

6. The new danceempress blog: I'm happy with this one. Actually, it's Angela why I decided to update my blog. I'm happy with it. I admit, I get the background from blogskins and just have it "pimped," but I'm happy I did it! And look, it's pretty isn't it?

7. Lea in Real Stories: It's been a few weeks (Feb.3 to be exact) since it was first posted in AFLS that Lea's gonna be in Loren Legarda's Real Stories. Well, February has about to say goodbye, and still no Lea in the episode... Are y'all kiddin us?! Where the hell is it????

8. What site is it? No, it's not limewire... Oh yes, it's ripway!! Been thinkin about that stupid site, where you want to host your own music at your site, and I can't figure it out till Princess Tinny texted me what is it. I was thinking about it yesterday; I was like, "Anu nga yun??? May account ako dun eh..." I was slowly getting paranoid figuring out what freakin site is it. Thanks to my dear friend, Princess Tinny and she figure it out for me... Such a computer wiz!

9. I'm (almost) done with my internship. I was thinking, "pag ako pinag-extend pa nila, they should hire me na!" My goodness! Three months na'ko sa Global! Kulang na lang, swelduhan nila 'ko! It's not that I wanna leave na, but para kasing sobrang tagal ko na dun.. Feeling ko nga tinataboy na kame nung ibang tao dun! Sabi nga ni Mics and Angela, mag-pass na daw kame ng resume. I was thinking about it... siguro pag nakalipat na "sila" saka ako magpa-pass. I just don't think I can be there hangga't nasa Global sila. Sorry!

10. HONEY addiction. It's not a very good film but I love it. I love the choreographies, the light story, and how Honey (Jessica Alba) cope up with her problem. It's about following what you want and getting it at your own risk. It's perfect for choreographer wanna be's.

There you go. Just ten random thoughts. Told you, it's nothing special. But it makes my day. Good or not so good. :)


"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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