Si Putang Shet at si Max's Mama

"Why couldn't that putang shet clear his schedule???" Ooh, such a sharp tounge isn't she? Well, yes, it's a SHE who said those exact words to Putang Shet. But wait, who is Putang Shet???

At first I never wanna believe it was Max's Mama. With all the words the author is writing/blurting out, parang hindi siya 'yon! Someone like her would not say those words! Even if I know that one of her expressions is the "V word."

As I read along, anyway (sorry, yes, I read her blog), I realized it was really Max's Mama. "My goodness! We have found her blog finally!" Thanks to my dear friend Princess Tinny! She found it!

She's such a computer wiz... Princess Tinny, I mean. It was a year ago since we met (shucks! We've known each other for a year na), and it feels nice na we're still close... With all those differences, including age gap (I'm 3 years older than her, yikes!), ang saya kasi we're getting to know each other deeper.

Anyway, back to Putang Shet and Max's Mama. I love Max's Mama. Her honesty, the way she's always being true to herself and in front of everyone else- on and off cam. She's just freakingly honest and she knows where she stands. Love that attitude! Anyway, may "K" naman siya maging gano'n!

Actually, I was having fun reading her blog. Not only do I get to know what's been happening to her, but it also allows me to know her thoughts. I wasn't turned off naman with her sharp tounge expressions because all of us, for sure, speak words like that!

I know it's not a good idea to read someone else's journal, so I hope Max's mama will forgive me once she (and if she ever) knew about it. It's just fun reading her blog. And sure I want to know more about Putang Shet. ;)

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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