Senior Rocks!!!!!

Haaayyy, just got home from skool. It's sooooooo tiring (haha, feeling super duper busy na noh!?!). Iba na kc when you're senior. There are lots of requirements, and most especially, the expectations are really high. So you have to do your best in everything you do; kasi hindi ka na sophomore. Graduating ka na!

Not only that, yung mga past professors mo na professor mo din ngayong senior ka na, iba na yung treatment sa inyo... kumbaga, "pinapakita na nila yung tunay na sila as professor." I know, they have to do that kasi this is our last year in school (well, for most of us). It's like, sinasanay na nila tayo to be independent. Kasi when we go out of our universities, hindi lang sarili naten ang dadalhin naten, but the whole department, and the university's as well.

Nakakaloka maging senior, but I'd say na enjoy din kasi you will learn talaga. Shempre, every meeting in class, you should always know the lesson. Kasi if you don't, mapag-iiwanan ka... and worst, baka mapahiya ka pa sa prof mo.

Anyway, hindi lang naman yun ang mahirap kapag senior ka na. Andun din ang practicum, or internship, or OJT (On-the-Job-Training); which, I think, ang pinakamahirap yet pinakamasarap na part in being a senior. Dito pumapasok yung knowledge that you've learned over the past years in your college. Hindi madali ang practicum, kasi yung maghanap pa lang ng pagpa-practicuman, mahirap na. There are lots of universities in the country and sabay-sabay yan ng practicum. So if you're not wise enough to find where you can have your internship, hindi ka makakapag-intern. Kapag naman nakapasok ka na, it doesn't end with just that, kasi 'eto na yung practice naten in the 'real world.' Dito masusukat how we've learned from our professors.

In addition to all of this, isa pa sa pinakamahirap na part in being a senior is beating the deadlines and completing all our subjects. Lalo na kapag "irreg" ka, mahirap habulin ang mga naiwang subjects. Shempre, you don't want to get left-over naman by your friends di ba? So mahirap talaga. Dapat, maabilidad tayo.

The school maybe has just started a few weeks ago. Mahirap man ang maging senior, pero masaya din. Especially once you saw all your hard works. So dapat, we should not freak out kapag may 'bago' tayong naranasan. We should take it easliy, do our best in everything, and most important, SMILE.

Seniors rock!!!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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