I Wanna be a Supermodel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, my sister and I, together with two of our co-dancers, went to Mc Stanley Talent Agency & Management. If you're gonna ask me if I'm joining showbiz, NO I'M NOT.

We arrived there at 3:30pm and started by 4pm. We freaked out when we were asked for a VTR, because we're not informed that we're also having VTR.. All we know was just we were there for some "test shots."

And so the "I wanna be a Supermodel" thing began.

I had the VTR first. Well, they forced me to. "Sanay daw kasi ako sa ganun kaya dapat mauna ako." Wow!!! Baket, artista ba'ko!?!

After the VTR, here comes the pictorial!!

First outfit: Casual wear. My outfit? Just my simple (and cute!) white and pink dress which I got from Karimadon. I was kinda nervous during the first few shots; but got along with it after two or three shots. I posed and posed just like a real supermodel. The gay guy who works there says "Yeah, that's it! Ganyan mag-pose ang mga model." Honestly, I don't know what to feel at that particular moment. But I thought, "Yeah right!"

Second outfit: Sports wear. For this outfit, I just wear my pink BNY tank top and a cute pedal from Bayo. Not to mention my pink cap from Bench (which is my brother's, anyway) and a red cuff. This time I really had fun!!! Different pose, different attitude. Really amazing!!

Last outit: Formal wear. This last outfit is what we call, "encantadia inspired". I wore my very simple yellow gown and just accessorize it with Ate Venus' belt (used as necklace). Of course, to complete the "encantadia look", they let me wear this yellow butterfly wings and use the big pink flower as a props. It was fun though! Really.

We end up by 8pm. So late already. After the pictorial, we went to Galeria to have our dinner first before going home. Nothing follows. Just eat and head home after.

When I got home, I realized that I have actually done the things I just did. It was fun! We all had a blast!!!

When I checked the TV, I realized that it's Tuesday! I forgot there's Charmed tonight!! Good thing I checked it before I go to bed.. So I took a shower first then get my PR xerox and do my assignment, while watching Charmed. OMG! Charmed's 7th season finale's near na pala!! Oh well, that's another story!!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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